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„Procedures between standards and industrial needs“

Certification 2017 "5 years EN ISO 9712 - What's next / how to go on?" provides a broad discussion platform for the most diverse experts from the area of NDT personnel certification.
We will provide personal views of the necessary or desirable changes or adaptions of this standard and the current status in different country and areas. The fast development demonstrates the ongoing process of adaptation and improvements. Certification bodies are operating in the middle between the requirements of the mentioned standard and the industrial needs.
Aviation requires a second-party certification, which is also required in some countries in general.
In parallel, in most countries ISO 9712 as third party certification is relevant for the qualification and certification of NDT personnel.
2017 is the routine revision of EN ISO 9712. Many CEN TC 138 and ISO TC 135 / SC 7 members have no direct contact with the national NDT societies and vice versa. The input of the affected industries, of the economy, is more likely to be expected by the NDT societies.
The ÖGfZP will provide a common discussion platform for these different interest groups with the topic „EN ISO 9712 Revision“.
This conference offers a platform for the discussion of new ideas and proposals among all involved and interested parties to overcome still existing problems and differences.

Gerhard Aufricht, Certification 2017 organizer


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